Another casualty of the roads

Sunday morning a large black cat got hit by a car and was left paralysed on the N332 motorway near Ondara.

Catland supporter Altamira Perea stopped her car and tried to help the cat. It quickly became clear that the hurt cat could not be taken off the road without a special restrainer, as he was large and lashing out in fear.

Catland was notified and Claire immediately responded. The local police had arrived at the scene as well and monitored traffic to create a safe area. After an unsuccessful attempt to use the bell cage, the only option left was to scruff and safely place the cat into the restrainer.

The cat was rushed to a veterinarian in Ondara. Sadly after examination and x-rays, it became apparent that he could not be saved. We learned that the cat had been hit much earlier in the day. Despite all the passing traffic and spectators, the poor boy had been lying in the gutter for hours.

Please, if you hit an animal or see a wounded animal and you can’t provide the help needed. contact the local police. An injured and scared animal can be very dangerous and expert help may be needed. The police will call the closest association to request assistance if needed. This prevents prolonged suffering for the animal.

Jávea is lucky to have a small team of rescuers. Catland will always try to respond as soon as possible when cats need our help.

Please drive safely, animals are not taught how to cross our motorways.