Catland Build Update: Moving forward!

This month saw the return to the building of the Catland Rescue Centre. Last week we visited the land and bring you this long-awaited update.

We have been fortunate to find a dedicated, trusted builder recommended by our architects. Toni Descals is very capable of achieving the next phase of the build up to finishing subject to funding. We need your support to see this project through to the end. The site has now been prepared for the next phase. We will keep you posted!

There are so many ways you can donate and help us finish this project for the love of cats. If you can’t donate, please share our posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and engage with us so we can grow our following – this will help us find all the support we need to keep pushing this project forward, today and in the years to come!

On behalf of Team Catland, thank you again for your patience and ongoing support!