Derek the drain kitten is safe

Derek The Drain Kitten

When Javea residents Jack and Emily spotted a kitten living in a drain, they were determined to give the little one a good home. They had named him Derek and made sure their home was ready for his arrival. To catch him turned out to be more difficult than expected.

Team Catland came to the rescue and we set up a manual trap. The kitten was too small to trigger an automatic trap, so we set up a manual trap. We waited patiently and eventually, Derek edged his way into the manual trap. Syl cut the cord and the trap door shut. Derek was safe! No more sleepless nights for Jack and Emily worrying about the baby.

During the rescue, we forged some lovely relationships with the locals in the neighborhood. We love to engage, educate, and make new Catland friends to help us create a safer environment for our street cats.

Happy Life Derek!