Carlos was rescued off the street as a little kitten by a tourist. She wanted to adopt him, but because he was not too young and not vaccinated, he couldn’t come with her for a long time. In consultation, it was decided that Carlos would wait for his forever home in Javea. He has moved to a nice foster family and was immediately at home with them.

Carlos is a healthy, elegant and beautiful boy. He is always good-natured, a great cuddler, and loves to play. Literally and figuratively a healthy young male. He loves to be with his human family. You can wake him up for a hug any time. He will sit comfortably on your lap (on the couch or, if possible, in bed) and enjoys your cuddles to the fullest.

He is also always in for a game or a nice video with birds. Carlos loves it all. If he gets too excited while playing, from the hugs that become too nice, he occasionally gives a love bite. That doesn’t hurt, but it can scare small children. Teenagers  would be perfect buddies for him. Especially when they’ll play and cuddle with him of course!

He gets along wonderfully the other cats in the family. He really enjoys playing with the other kitten in the house. He really needs a mate who also likes to play.  Dominant males scare him because he is not a fighter at all and has no idea what to do. He is used to the (quiet) dogs in the family.

Carlos hasn’t been outside since he was tiny. He likes to get some fresh air every now and then in the large catio. A house with a nice spacious cat-safe balcony or a cat-safe garden would make him very happy.

Carlos is completely healthy, has been tested for FIV and Felv, vaccinated, and neutered. He’s already packed his suitcase, he made sure to pack a load of cuddles for his new family!