Simpson lived on the land where Catland Javea is building the cat shelter. She was social, cuddly but seemed very happy on land. She was cared for by the garden waste disposal staff. She had a construction hut with a bed, good food and water. When the garden waste company moved to another location, Simpson’s care was taken over by volunteers from Catland and the construction workers. Simpson had a very nice life with many human friends.

And then…Simpson suddenly disappeared. The volunteers searched for days. When she finally appeared back in the construction site, she was very shocked by the two volunteers present. She disappeared again before they could catch her. It was clear that something was wrong with Simpson. A trap was placed in the hut and the volunteers kept an eye on things with a camera. After a few sleepless nights, Simpson reappeared, obviously hungry, and fell into the trap. Within minutes, Simpson was on her way to the vet.

When she arrived at the vet, Simpson was back to her calm self and happy to see her people again. It turned out that she had hurt her leg, she had a small wound and she was missing one of her nails. That must have caused her a lot of pain and explains why Simpson hid like that. Fortunately, she only needed anti-inflammatories and (as a precaution) antibiotics. A little care and love in the foster family did the rest.

Simpson is a sweet, gentle girl and loves people. She is calm and finds it very pleasant to plop down on your desk to see what you are doing on that laptop. She also loves to climb onto your lap to watch TV together while enjoying an extensive cuddle session. In the meantime she purrs with pleasure,  she loves all that cuddling!

Simpson especially likes to chill, sunbathe, have fun and take naps, but has also discovered that toys and games are a ton of fun. It never gets wild, but she enjoys playing with a ball or a mouse on a fishing rod.

The quiet dog of the house is no problem and she can also live with other friendly cats. If her family can devote enough time to her, Simpson can also be very happy as an only pet. She doesn’t know children, but quiet teenagers won’t be a problem for this easy-going girl. Especially if they have cuddles and play on offer, of course.

Simpson is ready for the journey of her life.  May she unpack her suitcase at yours?