The construction of Jávea's cat shelter is scheduled to restart before end of October

The build is back on!

Team Catland are pleased to announce that the construction of Jávea’s cat shelter is scheduled to restart very soon. December 2022 brougth a temporary suspension to the build. The details are in this Facebook post, a long story that we gladly leave behind us :-)

The restart of the build is fantastic news and allows Catland to resume fundraising and events. We aim to build, finish, and then open the doors to the shelter as soon as possible. This shelter is desperately needed in Jávea, as so many of you know.

Behind the scenes our rescue efforts have continued and the workload has been relentless. With the halt on the build, we have been working tirelessly to find a solution to get the build back on track at the same time as continuing our daily rescues/callouts. We are so pleased that our efforts have been a success and we can look forward to creeping closer and closer to the opening day of Javea’s very own cat shelter, one brick at a time!

On behalf of Team Catland, thank you for your patience. We will keep you informed of progress and upcoming fundraising events. Thank you for your ongoing support!