Team Catland Joint Rescue With ISVH Voluntarios Firefighters

Catland was notified of a cat in distress on top of a telephone pole. A reconnaissance to the area found a feline hanging on for its life to overhead telephone wires. He had no way of lowering himself to safety. The cat was meowing, stressed, and attempting to cling onto the cables. The sun was pounding down on his frightened body.

It was clear that we needed the urgent help of another team of professionals. The ISVH Voluntarios – Balcón al Mar Voluntarios Firefighters responded immediately to our plea. Within the hour, the team was ready for the rescue. The ladder was secured to the pole. Working together, the cat was safely retrieved.

The young (very heavy) boy was whisked away to Animalets Veterinary to be attended to. A full check-over was given to the beautiful boy. Amazingly, the feline seemed to be in good condition after his horrendous experience.

Thank you, ISVH voluntarios, for your invaluable support with this rescue!