Quentin, Sofia & Zara go Dutch!

Today we said farewell to Sofia, Zara and Quentin. Three lovely cats that had a rough start in life but are now on their way to loving forever families in The Netherlands.

Zara and her kittens were dumped outside the local dog shelter A.P.A.S.A. one night. Shelter staff found the little family the next morning. They were taken to the quietest part of the shelter and the employees went out of their way to find them a home. After almost two weeks of trying in vain, thankfully a Catland foster family became available. The little family quickly settled into their new home, as if nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, Mom Zara turned out to have a nasty intestinal infection. Thankfully, she was nursed back to health by our veterinary team. This strong, gentle girl never gave up caring for her then 3-month-old kittens. Truly amazing!

Quentin’s story is, unfortunately, a very common one: he was probably born on the streets and wandered into a lady’s garden one day. He was remarkably social and greeted the lady with cuddles and headbutts. Quentin continued to visit and decided to stay. The lady loved this beautiful boy and all went well… until Quentin wanted to move into the house. The two resident cats were not at all pleased with this new addition to the family. The lady did not want to put Quentin back on the street and asked us for help. Quentin was welcomed into the same foster family as Zara and Sofia. He too settled in quickly and was an amazing big brother and, sometimes even stepdad for Zara’s kittens. A golden boy he is!

Immense gratitude

Adoptions to another country are a massive operation and take countless hours of work and organisation. From rescue to adoption, there are numerous veterinary checks, screening and interviewing interested families and transport arrangements. All done with love and immense gratitude when we receive updates from our cats thriving in their new families!

We would like to thank A.P.A.S.A for sponsoring Zara & Sofia and Little Tigers for finding the perfect forever families. And, last but certainly not least, our foster family for their love and care for the lovely trio.

Goodbye, sweethearts. May you live long and happy lives with your wonderful forever families!