Catland build update: nitty-gritty and fencing!

A lot of work has been done since the last update. Unfortunately, this time most of the work isn’t very visible but vital to obtain the zoological license. We will elaborate on the license and its importance to Catland in a future post. In short, the license ensures the public, sponsors, and the government that Catland is being built and operated correctly and meets high quality and care requirements.

We do have the outside fencing and the rendering of the walls to show you! Next up is the installation of the interior fencing around the housing areas. A special type of fencing to ensure our cats will be safe and won’t be able to escape.

We are currently selecting te right cargo containers to create the indoor housing for the cats, the quarantine, veterinary clinic, nursery, storage and office spaces. Cargo containers are relatively easy to turn into work and living spaces, for a fraction of the cost of building. A perfect solution for Catland’s cats and people!

The build is progressing every day, however, our work is far from over. We need your help to raise funds for the continuous costs of this project: for a brighter future for the stray cats and kittens of Javea. You can help us by spreading awareness (sharing this post!) or donating to us.

Thank you so much for your continued support that has gotten us this far! 🙂