Louis – sometimes it takes a village

Louis and his sister, Mia, were cruelly abandoned by their owners. They had contacted us and requested help; we had four days to find a foster home. When we did, they notified us that the cats were put back on the same street they were once rescued from. All they were left with was a closed bag of dry food and an empty water bowl. We were stunned, but of course, we did not give up on the cats.

We took to the street where the duo was dumped and quickly spotted them. They were clearly confused and scared. Thankfully, X was quickly caught and brought to a loving new family. Louis, however, was a different story. After many nightly stakeouts, we managed to finally capture the illusive boy. Unfortunately, he was a Houdini and escaped from his new home while we were still celebrating his rescue. Louis was back on the streets.

The situation then got worse. Louis was completely lost and panic-stricken, and he disappeared. We spent days and nights calling him in both his new neighborhood and the street we rescued him from, but to no avail. We were distraught and worried that harm may have come to this lovely boy. Giving up was not an option, though. Our team kept searching and posting on social media to keep Louis on people’s minds.

The stars aligned.

Many people were taken by Louis’ sad story and kept an eye open for him. Right when we had almost lost hope, someone reported a possible sighting. Thankfully, it was quickly confirmed that it was indeed Louis! The search for Louis was back on. We set up a routine and a plan for capture. A few days later, the stars aligned, and we were able to take Louis to safety. He joined his sister, but she was not at all happy to share her new-found home with him.

Louis was taken to a foster home and quickly settled. He turned out to be a very gentle, loving boy. A real cuddle bug! People did not forget about Louis and donated kindly towards his blood tests and vaccinations. When he was ready, we started working on the fairytale ending: a forever home. Thankfully, a wonderful family fell in love and offered a place in their hearts and homes. After a long and stressful adventure, Louis is now home and living his best life!

Sometimes it takes a village. Thank you to everyone who did not give up on Louis!