Out of the frying pan into the fire

Porter lived in the Javea Port cat colony. Like so many other stray cats in Javea, he was being fed and watered by Javea Feral Cat volunteers. Porter was never in any trouble and had found his way in the colony. He seemed destined to live out his days on the streets. Until one day things went horribly wrong… or right, in hindsight.

Catland received a call about a cat trapped in fishing nets, unable to free itself. Claire rushed to the scene and managed to cut the cat loose. Panicked, the cat went for the first safe space he could find: he hid in a car engine! Out of the frying pan, but into the fire so to say. Of course, Claire saved him once more. She took him to the vet for a checkup and neutering. Assuming she would pick him up later and return him to the colony the following day.

A case of emergency

The cat, now called Porter, seemed fine after being neutered. But, as the night went on Porter had not gone to the litterbox and Claire noticed he started to breathe too fast. On top of everything, he was having trouble walking as well. The emergency vet on duty urged Claire to take Porter to the clinic. This was a case of emergency.

Porter’s bladder was full and needed to be emptied. The cause turned out to be a broken hip femur. Walking and urinating were just too painful. Porter needed specialist surgery. Until the funds to cover the procedure would be found he was kept comfortable with painkillers. Thankfully the Catland community rose up again and donated generously.

The best forever home

The procedure was successful but the rehabilitation time was long.  Luckily, a lovely lady came forward and offered to foster Porter till he would be adopted. He would live the life of a house cat for months. A return to the colony was no longer an option of course. Being rooted for by his many Facebook fand and pampered by his foster mum, Porter recovered wonderfully.  After two months he was ready to find a family. Being a bit timid, it took a while to find him the best forever home. But, boy did he find it!

As expected, Porter is taking his time to settle and get comfy. His new dad has a heart of gold though and will give him all the time he needs. We are sure the two of them will become best friends, forever.

Porter finds his forever home