A ticking time bomb

Leila, a friendly stray cat, lived in a schoolyard in Javea. She was fed and watered by the students. Although not ideal, she was looked after and the children loved her. One day Leila was found sitting quietly in a cardboard box. Her body shape had changed as well; her chest was swollen and her belly seemed a lot skinnier.  The kids knew something was very wrong with their normally happy and active feline friend.

Leila came into Catland’s care and we took her to Marie Carmen. She was shocked when she examined the x-rays. The photos revealed that Leila had been in an accident. All her organs, except her bladder, were pushed into her chest. Although she seemed to be coping, there was barely space for her lungs to function. She could barely breathe and was basically a ticking time bomb!

Catland supporters and vets to the rescue

Thanks to some amazing Catland supporters we were able to get Leila her life-saving surgery. Due to the complexity of the surgery, Marie Carmen teamed up with her good friend and fellow veterinarian Esperanza Ribes. The surgery was a success but Leila wasn’t out of the woods yet. So many things could still go wrong. But, Leila pulled through without complications. She was saved!

Leila recovered in a foster home and got stronger by the day. She is now healthy and happy…living her best life in her forever home! The foster family loved her so much, that they just could not let her go. Leila was incredibly lucky to have been surrounded by people who cared about her. Not many stray cats are blessed with this amount of luck.

Together we can make miracles happen

Many thanks to the supporters of Catland, our incredible vets, volunteering team, and her failed fosterer! Together we can make miracles like this happen! Please help cats like Leila and support our mission and if you can… Thank you!

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