Out of options

When you rescue a cat that is diagnosed with leukemia (FLV), it can be the most awful moment of your life. You stare into the eyes of a beautiful healthy creature, not knowing which way to turn.

Feline leukemia is highly contagious, so the cats can’t return to the streets. The reality is that a leukemia-positive cat can live a happy and healthy (if not shorter) life. However, the cat can’t live with your own feline pets and the possibility of finding an adopter is nearly impossible. A horrible situation for any rescuer to be in.

Catland was made aware of three cats that had tested positive for leukemia and were in desperate need of a solution. All three had their tragic stories and had run out of options.

A safe haven

With help of our partner Little Tigers a safe haven was found for the trio. Tiddles, Noche and Fifi will live happy and hopefully long lives at the five-star cat resort Kattenbos. The resort is set up for special needs cats that have nowhere else to go. This amazing organisation was founded in 1993 and has been a literal lifesaver ever since.

Miracles do happen and the unbelievable has been achieved. Team Catland wishes to thank Stichting Kattenbos from the bottom of our hearts for giving these beautiful felines a happy future.