Whisper finds his forever home in England

Our beautiful boy, Whisper, was rescued from the streets by one of our volunteers. He was abandoned in the port by his owner. The poor boy stayed waiting at the parking lot entrance, day in and day out. Occasionally, he took shelter under the stationary cars. His patience and hope of being reunited or loved again never wavered. He watched the cars come and go, hoping for his owner or anybody else to come pick him up. But nobody came for him.

Marina heard about Whisper and went to meet him at the car park. Whisper was still a very friendly and social young man. He was not made for the harsh street life. Marina took Whisper to the vet for a general health and blood test. Thankfully, he was in tiptop shape! Whisper went home with Marina to safely wait for a new forever home.

We posted his story on social media, and very soon after, a family in England replied that they had fallen in love with Whisper! After the adoption procedure was completed, travel arrangements were made. Whisper has now settled into his new, loving, warm home. The home he so deserved.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and long life in Old Blighty, darling boy! A huge thank you to Whisper’s new family for opening their hearts to this lovely boy.