Sweet Porter was rescued from the port. A boy that had lived as part of the colony. He was a quiet boy that was happy to wait in line to be fed with his best mate (a black female). He went unnoticed due to his impeccable behavior.

Porter was most likely injured from a car hit and was notified by way of an emergency callout to rescue him. From the very first moment, he was a calm and gentle cat.

Post-surgery he has made a 100% recovery and will now lead a normal life and is now ready for his forever family.

Recommendations are a couple or family with older children. He would need to be allowed outside as he loves to sniff the air through the shutters. ( after a settlement period) We believe that Porter would love to have other feline companions. A home with stability and calmness.

Porter is a quiet boy that loves to lounge in the sunshine, loves to give head butts, and is basically an independent gentle sweet feline. He is spotlessly clean with the litter tray.

Porter is never aggressive, he does not scratch or gives love bites. Porter shows his gratitude by giving little head buts If you are able to give Porter a peaceful environment, with a sunny view ( safe terrace) or a house in a quiet urbanisation, with a little patience Porter will be the perfect companion.

Porter has done his time on the streets as a stray cat, and suffered the pain of a broken limb so really deserves a stable home life with a couple of mates.