Sia and her four kittens were found by a gardener in the yard of an empty house. The owner of the house loves cats but unfortunately couldn’t take the little cat family to her own home. Not wanting to leave the animals outside, she let them live in the vacant house. She came by every day to feed and make sure the kittens received medical care. The owner was obviously concerned about what to do with four kittens and a mother cat once the house would be rented out again. Fortunately, at that moment one of the volunteers of the shelter Catland Javea was looking for a house…. Long story short: the volunteer decided to rent the house and of course took the little family into foster care!

The kittens grew up to be healthy young cats and all quickly found a nice family. Now that the children have left the nest, it is finally Sia’s turn for her own forever family.

Sia is a gentle, calm, and sweet cat. You really don’t care about her. She likes to be around her human family and enjoys hugs and kisses. She also likes to curl up next to you on the couch. When you come home she greets you with cups and she almost curls around your leg. A treasure of a girl! With her special coat, she is also stunning. At first glance, she is an ordinary, beautiful black female. However, her beautiful black coat has a deep brown stripe pattern. Gorgeous!

Sia doesn’t necessarily need a feline friend, but she gets along well with non-dominant, friendly cats as well as calm dogs. She is absolutely adores the dog of the house: the two can often be found together and cuddle up with each other. She is also close friends with most of the other cats in the family. A family with a calm, friendly cat and/or dog would therefore be prefered. However, if her family is at home a lot and can spend enough time with her, she can also be very happy as an only pet. Sia hasn’t met children yet, but given her character, we thing she would be happy to live with calm teenagers.

Sia doesn’t have many wishes but a cat-safe garden would make her very happy. Cat-safe means shielded with, for example, gauze or a cat net that Sia cannot escape. Sia loves taking naps in the sun or just getting some fresh air. In a low-traffic environment, she can also go out on her own, after a few months of getting settled.

It is time for this loving mother to be pampered herself and enjoy a long and happy life with a loving family.