Bibi and her sister Blue and brother Bobby were born in a large cat colony. The volunteers feeding the colony noticed that the mother cat that had just given birth was gone. They searched the colony and found three tiny kittens literally all alone. They were in bad shape: too small, with a cold and all three also had an immature tail. The little ones were placed in a foster family and grew up there with lots of love and care into healthy kittens.

Bibi is a curious little girl, You’ll find Bibi where ever the action is. Her foster mother calls her a ray of light. Bibi is always cheerful and good-natured. A funny and super social girl who enjoys her life to the fullest. She loves cuddles, likes to be picked up for a kiss, and likes to be around you. She also enjoys extended cuddling. She likes to sleep on the bed with her foster family and then falls asleep cuddling.

In the foster family, Bibi lives with dogs and other cats. The more the merrier! Bibi really needs a friend, so we are looking for a house for her with one (or two) cozy cat, cat or dog. We also think she will be fine with calm children, especially if they want to play and cuddle with her of course.

Bibi, like her brother and sister, does not have a full tail. She has a funny little curly tail that suits her perfectly and doesn’t bother her at all.

Since the rescue from the colony, Bibi hasn’t been outside on her own. She really enjoys watching birds in the garden in the catio, taking naps and messing around with twigs and leaves. A cat-safe garden or a spacious cat-safe balcony would make her very happy.  In a truly car-free environment, Bibi can also go outside freely after a few months of getting used to her new home.