Marmite is calm and quiet little girl. She loves to chill in the cat tree, or watch bird videos from her warm bed. Marmite is somewhat independent and not really cuddly yet but she does purr now and then when she is cuddled and petted. She also comes to lie down next to her people on the couch or sit next to them when they are working on the laptop. She is not scared or shy, Marmite just wants to chill out and take the time to get to know you. She does play now and then, but it never gets wild.

Several cats and dogs live in the foster family and that is going well. However, we think that Marmite would rather live in a quieter family. She likes a calm environment. We think that in a quieter family she will become more affectionate sooner. She is fine with other calm, non-dominant cats. If her new family would not be away from home too often, she can also be happy as an only cat. Quiet teenagers who let her be are no problem.

Marmite does like to go out for some fresh air in a garden or spacious balcony. It is important that the garden or balcony is secured to prevent accidents. In a low-traffic environment, she can also go outside on her own.

Marmite is completely healthy. She has been tested for FIV and Felv, vaccinated and will be spayed very soon. All ready for the journey of her life to a sweet family and warm basket.

May this sweetheart come and enjoy a long and happy life with you?